A solid track record of over a decade in software development by serving 50+ customers globally with an impeccable niche of perfection which has added several proud feathers in our cap, Kandid has been the most outstanding company in a couple of years with maximum Coldfusion projects in the world. We have a strict set of principles that we follow to attain the perfection and make our clients grow every day.

Kandid is an established global enterprise. With more than a decade of experience in helping businesses grow, we have served more than 500 clients globally and achieved many milestones. We help you enhance your business value and boost ROI. More than anything, our company is committed to perfection which finally leads to long term relationships.

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Our Skills

Kandid Technologies | Our Skills
PHP / Laravel
React Native

Our Philosophy


Our Mission is to achieve what we have already thought about. We, at Kandid, are going to do intensive research in the technologies and finally coming up with more efficient and best solutions for the problems our clients face.

Currently, we are providing our services to a number of top-notch technologies, having an excellent in-house team of developers.

The passion of our developers towards the technology, not only helps them to own a task and give their heart out to it, but also helps us to provide a better solution to our Clients. The team develops and provides solutions for their own self, which in-turn proves to be the best for the clients too.


At Kandid, our main focus is based on the 3P's that we follow. The First P stands for Personal Integrity. We strongly believe that we provide quality services to our clients by sticking on to our morals and uprightness. The second P stands for Professional Development. Personal and Professional development is a must for each and every individual. At Kandid, we promote self improvement alongside with your professional development. There is a huge scope for learning new technologies in our company and putting it in use for the company. The last P stands for Perfections, which goes hand in hand with our company standards. Perfection is present in each and every small task that we take up. We follow these principles to provide great solutions which will help in creating better tomorrow than today. Our prime focus is on Guaranteed Business values that help us and our clients grow to the top in the market.

In the coming time, we want to acquire more and more technologies and provide solutions in every technology possible. Following our 3P's principle will lead us to the vision that we have thought about and thus help us to provide great solutions to the clients leading them to have a happy face.


We inculcate the followings values, which prove to be one of the strongest points that mark us unique in the market.

Teamwork and Collaboration: Our team of developers works together as a family in providing any service or solution to the client. Everyone in the team works and strives hard for the success of a project.

Timeliness: Following the strict deadlines is one of the things that our team has mastered. Without compromising on the Quality, providing a clear cut solution within a stipulated time is what we have mastered.

Work-Life Balance: Not only work, but everyone's personal life is also important to us. So, we at Kandid believe in having a work-life balance which will help us to manage personal life as well as the work environment by looking at both equally.

Integrity: This is the most important key factor for our organization. Being honest towards work and oneself is what we follow at our organization. Following moral principles is strictly promoted at our organization, which helps us to maintain integrity with clients.

Honesty: we follow in the saying "Honesty is the best Policy". Being honest and truthful to each one in the company is highly encouraged. This value helps us to provide honest services to our clients.

Our Process

Kandid Technologies | Our Process