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Kandid is a leading name in software development, renowned for transforming concepts into reality with complete customer satisfaction. We have completed over 500 projects globally, consistently delivering perfection. Our innovative approach sets us apart, ensuring high-quality outcomes for every client.

Our comprehensive services include web development, application development, website designing, software testing, UI and UX design, consultancy services, branding services, e-commerce solutions, strategic outsourcing, data enrichment, and many more. Each project is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, highlighting our commitment to excellence and innovation in the tech industry. Join us to experience top-tier solutions that drive success and growth.

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WEB Developement

Our company's web development involves creating and maintaining websites through various tasks such as web design, content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security configuration.

We ensure visual appeal and functional excellence, providing a seamless user experience. Our web development services are crucial for establishing a strong online presence, enhancing digital interactions, and supporting business operations with responsive, dynamic, and secure websites tailored to your needs.


Application Developement

Our company's application development is a comprehensive process aimed at designing, building, and maintaining software applications across multiple platforms, including mobile, web, and desktop.

Our team manages every stage of development, from initial planning to coding, testing, and deployment.

We prioritise creating functional and user-friendly applications that meet your specific needs or business objectives.

Our process integrates user interface design, backend development, and rigorous testing to ensure robust performance and a seamless user experience for your users.

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Kandid is IT Sourcing Company and we are flexible when it comes to your outsourcing needs. We understand that business is getting more complex & competitive. Our Strategists tend to convert this into a competitive advantage for your IT infrastructure with end to end or partly initiations and gradually gain the altitude of certainty in your outsourcing model.


The advent of the internet and new smart devices has drastically changed the geography of business. The traffic rush of internet users and online buyers has made e-commerce websites mandatory for the businesses. Every new and old entrepreneurial venture is opting for a perfect web presence in order to boost returns and achieve impeccable brand establishment. We are an e-commerce website development company that uses the smartest way to get noticed as per the brand promotion point of view.

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At our company, website designing involves creating visually appealing and user-friendly layouts tailored to your needs. Our designers focus on various elements such as layout design, color schemes, typography, and imagery to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and usability of your website. Using advanced graphic design software and coding languages like HTML and CSS, we translate your conceptual ideas into visually engaging and functional web pages. Our goal is to effectively convey your desired message or information to users, ensuring an impactful online presence for your brand.


We have a blend of Highly Well-versed Software Engineers & experienced Testing team ready for Support, Integrate & Product Testing. We offer quality assurance services with full-cycle testing for desktop & mobile applications. Our Software testing services custom- tailored dedicated support team resolves and reports clients directly which helps in saving money & time by creating a bug-free product that enhances user satisfaction.

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Digital Marketing

Embracing digitization is just halfway to business success. It is also imperative to extend your online marketplace reach. Thus, reap the benefits of ROI-driven digital marketing solutions. As a thriving digital marketing company, we offer you strategic, streamlined, and success-oriented end-to-end marketing services to attain substantial results. Therefore, leverage the unique and lucrative online marketing ideas generated by our digital marketing experts. And experience your business growth ahead.



At our company, data enrichment is a crucial service that enhances your existing data by integrating valuable information from various sources. This process involves cleaning data to remove inaccuracies, aggregating data from multiple sources for a comprehensive view, validating data accuracy through reliable sources, and enhancing data by adding attributes like demographics, geographic data, or behavioral insights.

Our data enrichment services empower you to make informed decisions, improve targeting and personalization, and drive better business outcomes through enriched, high-quality data.

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We shape brands through exploration, applying in-depth research to challenge assumptions at every turn.


Our design approach is to simplify. We embrace the joy in creating something unique that is easy for end users.


Using modern technologies, we build with efficiency & skill, creating flexible and scalable business-driven solutions.


We take an iterative approach to both our work and our practice, always looking for ways to improve what we do.

Web Development

Our Development team is fully efficient in the latest technologies up in the market and concerning your every detail as major they hold up to the mark of giving you what you desire and visualize a proper platform.

Mobile App Development

Mobile market is strong today and developing an app, gives an easy way to showcase one’s products or services to customers. Whenever customers want, they can just use it as a one-stop point to get all the information they need.

SEO Optimization

Increase your website's organic traffic and improve search rankings with our SEO optimization services. Our SEO team formulates effective strategies to rank your website with keywords that are essential for your brand’s online success

Cyber Security

Our Security Team make sure your Website is 100% secure. We have been listed in 30+ Companies Hall of Fame like TCS, DigitalOcean, Magento, Nexmo and many other Companies for reporting 200+ Security Vulnerabilities.

Digital Marketing

Our Team focuses on growing your business with online marketing services. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, we can help you design marketing campaign that can help you reach your goals.

Branding Services

Branding services involve creating and managing a company's brand identity to establish a strong, recognizable presence in the market. These services include brand strategy development, logo design, brand messaging, and visual identity creation.