Enable User Satisfaction with Required Functional Testing

An effectively working application has the potential to bring fortune to your business and further extend the customer base. Confirm the specific and strategic functionality of your software with functional testing services and meet the expected user experience. Our functionality testing expertise and evaluation ensure your application works exactly the way it is meant to. With our assistance, get the ability to detect issues in the early product life-cycle, do enhancement of new features, and minimize rework.

End-to-End Functional Testing Services

Our QA testing experts specialize in providing functional testing as a part of QA services for multiple platforms including desktop, mobile, cloud, and web services testing.

Requirements Ambiguity Testing

Review for testing the requirements and eliminating ambiguity from them before even initiating the project.

Unit Testing

Validation of every single unit in the application code to ensure that it performs according to a pre-defined design.

Interface Testing

Identification of unseen flaws within an application by understanding how its modules interact with one another.

User Acceptance Testing

App testing while considering the end user and ensuring that the application is capable of handling tasks on real-time basis.

Smoke Testing

Ensuring the stability of an application to ensure that its build is adequately stable to go ahead with further testing.

Regression Testing

Re-running of the tests for ensuring that the application works well despite the changes in the code or program.

System Testing

Testing a complete and integrated software product to assess its compliance with specific requirements.

Business Process Testing

Verification of end-to-end business process quality to lower costs, eliminate technology risks, and speed up innovation.

Data Verification Testing

Re-running of the tests for ensuring that the application works well despite the changes in the code or program.

Functional Testing Process We Follow

Here’s a quick overview of our step-by-step software testing process from the functional concern of the application.

1. Requirements Analysis

The first phase of testing is the gathering and analysis of requirements which are required to test out the software in terms of functioning.

2. Test Planning

The next step involves the creation a clear plan for carrying out comprehensive functional testing against every finding.

3. Functional Decomposition

Breaking of the complex testing process into smaller and simpler parts comes as the next phase of functional testing.

4. Test Case Design

Once we complete the function decomposition, the next step is to create a case design to be shared with the team for deciding the deliverables.

5. Requirement Verification

Before the test implementation stage, our team creates exact requirement definition and verification to ensure that they are on the right track.

6. Traceability

We ensure that the entire requirements defined for a system are tested within the test protocols and arrange traceability of the process as well.

7. Test Case Execution

In the final step, we execute the test case and analyze their impact on the software, in the short-term as well as in the long-run.

Automation Software Testing Strategy

Dive into the actual steps of implementing a successful automation software testing.

1. Defining High Business Value Tests

We first identify and understand the high business value assets and test the same to avoid any potential setback.

2. Identify the Risk

We determine the automation testing priority and associated risks by figuring out the business impact.

3. Combining Technology, Tools, & Resources

Our team combines the relevant automation testing tools, resources, and technologies to offer a robust working solution.

4. Consider the Test Environment

We document all the testing efforts to foresee the environmental conditions and changes done to your application.

5. Looking for Testing Efficiencies

We first identify and understand the high business value assets and test the same to avoid any potential setback.

Why Choose Functional Testing Services?

Functional evaluation of your software is relevant to confirm specific functionality requirements. It reflects the experience of users going with your application and rectifying necessary changes.

1. Validate Real-Time User Scenario

Different users interact and access your software/application differently. We validate each touchpoint of the application from a different user’s perspective to maintain seamless performance.

2. Enhance the User Experience

Functional testing ensures the software performs and functions according to the present requirements. We drive end-to-end testing and enable the products works according to users’ expectation.

3. Create a Quality Process

Functional testing is a continuous improvement process that occurs throughout the product development lifecycle. Thus, it improves the software quality and functionality to an optimum extent.

What Makes Us Software Testing Differentiators?

As a software testing company, we do make a difference in our offerings and enrich the functionality of your application.

1. Certified Team of Functional Testers

We have not just experienced but a certified team of testing experts to bring the finest software evaluation assistance.

2. Regression Testing Approach

Here, we follow an effective practice of re-running functional & non-functional testing to ensure every defect is eliminated.

3. Continuous Testing Benefit

Experience a regular set of testing software from a functional point and enable improved performance at all stages.

4. Detailed Error Identification

We create a detailed error detecting report to ascertain all the irregularities be fixed and software functionality improved.

5. Automated Tools Collaboration

We have an integrated assortment of exclusive and result-oriented software testing tools from different vendors.