Utilize Our Most Stringent Test Automation to Reduce Testing Cost & Cycle Time

Welcome to Kandid, where our commitment to Automation, Agility, Attitude, and Aptitude drives our Test Automation and QA Automation Testing Services in India. We understand the importance of streamlining testing processes, enhancing software quality, and accelerating time to market in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

We have worked on more than 500+ Projects in this industry. We understand your need to achieve impeccable quality at maximum speed. Our bespoke test automation strategies and intelligent automation frameworks, such as Vanilla, Booster, QAccelerator, A4mation, and Bolt, enable us to minimize risks while focusing on the right interfaces for testing. So are you ready to transform your testing processes and achieve outstanding results? Get in touch with us today and experience the impact of Cutting-Edge Test Automation and QA Automation Testing Services from Kandid.

What to Expect from Automation Software Testing?

With a leading software testing company like us, ensure your application test across all devices, OS, and browsers. Also, the product is released on time along with low testing costs.

1. Faster Time to Market

Our automated test cases run simultaneously across multiple devices, browsers, and platforms faster than manual test engineers.

2. Better test coverage

While automation testing, we execute many test scripts parallelly which ensures higher test coverage compared to manual.

3. Efficiency Testing

Our test automation improves the efficiency of the testing process by reducing the length of the test run.

4. Multi-platform Testing

Ensure smooth operations by performing automated software testing across different devices, browsers and Operating System.

5. Low-Cost Testing

Automated tests can test every build, unlike manual tests before your app launch. Thus, you save more here.

Improve Application Efficiency with Automation Testing Practices

Test any mobile app, web app, website, or API with the expert assistance of our QA engineers and ensure a quality product.

1. Test Automation Strategy Development

Our experts analyze the project requirements and devise a customized approach to maximize test coverage and minimize time and effort.Alternatively, we can build a comprehensive test strategy that has an automation testing roadmap at its core.

2. Test Automation Framework Design

We leverage industry best practices and utilize cutting-edge tools and technologies to create a framework that ensures test scripts' efficiency, reusability, and maintainability.

3. Test Automation Development

Using industry-leading tools & frameworks, we develop scripts that effectively validate software functionality, performance, & security, while reducing the time & effort required for repetitive manual testing.

4. Test Automation Maintenance

Our team provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the automation framework and scripts remain up-to-date and adapt to application or technology stack changes.

5. Integration with Testing Tools

To enhance the effectiveness of test automation, we integrate the automation framework with a wide range of testing tools and technologies.

6. Test Automation Implementation and Execution

Our team handles the entire test automation implementation process, from setting up the required infrastructure to executing automated test suites.

7. QA Automation Testing

Our experienced QA engineers design and execute automated tests to validate your software's functionality, performance, and security aspects. We leverage both manual and automated testing techniques to ensure high-quality software deliverables.

8. Integration with CI/CD Pipelines

We assist in integrating the automation framework and test suites with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

Automation Software Testing Strategy

Dive into the actual steps of implementing a successful automation software testing.

1. Defining High Business Value Tests

This includes identifying test scenarios and test cases. We then take these test cases to further automate them and make sure they are functional.

2. Identify the Risk

We check the feasibility of these Test Scenarios and Test Cases because we need to make sure if we can further automate these test cases or not.

3. Combining Technology, Tools, & Resources

Every project is different. We make a customized choice based on the type and complexity of the project. We finalize the tools and decide on the test approach.

4. Customized Frameworkst

We then further proceed by designing customized frameworks to fulfill the automation testing requirements.

5. Integrate with CI/CD tools:

The last step is the integration with CI/CD tools. So we can run the application tests periodically and continue to deliver quality solutions.