Features of Apps & Web Pages Combined for Superior Experience

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are the next big thing in the world of software applications. PWAs leverage the advances in app development technologies by combing web APIs with cross-platform app features. These apps are much faster than all other types of software applications. PWAs are designed to offer seamless performance similar to native mobile apps. These apps greatly help businesses to optimize user engagement and drive outreach. Progressive web apps’ features like offline browsing, push notifications, and interactive user interfaces make them increasingly popular with users. We, at Kandid, build progressive web apps that offer unmatched features and super-fast loading. A team of highly experienced software engineers, app experts, and user experience analysts work in collaboration to create a solution perfectly suits your need. We make sure that you can provide customers incredibly frictionless accessibility and app experience.

Key Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

High Conversion Rate

Customers convert when they find the app experience smooth and convincing. Businesses using progressive web apps see higher online conversion than traditional mobile apps.

Native Performance

PWAs render a native-like performance across all devices and browsers. Key features of native apps like faster loading, superior responsiveness, and seamless scrolling are all available on PWAs.

Unmatched Responsiveness

Progressive web apps provide equally immersive experience across all devices and browsers. Faster load combined with highly responsive user experience makes them a preferred solution among tech-savvy customers.

Mobile app features without installation

PWAs offer all kinds of features and functionalities that a native mobile app usually provides. But the users do not have to install a progressive app since it works like a web page.

Offline Accessibility

The offline accessibility feature of PWAs ensures a superior user experience even with a poor internet connection. Users can access features and explore content even when they are not connected to the internet.

Enhanced User Engagement

PWAs naturally have higher engagement due to its superior user experience. Features like super-fast loading and interactive user interface play a key role in driving engagement.

Progressive App Development Services from Kandid

Customized Progressive Web App Development

PWAs highly personalized according to the individual needs of your business. We incorporate all the advanced features of apps and web pages to give you a competitive edge.

Immersive Web Design for PWAs

We have a team of exceptionally creative web designers to create a captivating app experience. With the latest design tools in place, our PWAs are known for impeccable performance.

Rapid PWA Development

We build progressive web apps in the shortest turnaround time. Using the RAD model and a predefined process, we deliver apps according to your urgent needs.

PWA Maintenance & Tech Support

Our relations with clients don’t end with the delivery of the project. A dedicated technical support team promptly resolves all your queries and offers flawless maintenance.