Take Your Company’s Ecosystem to the Next Level Using Java Development

In this dynamic and competitive digital environment, businesses need to adopt robust and result-oriented IT applications to stay on the top. Java, being the most powerful technology, is used to build high-performance applications for enterprises of all sizes and from diverse verticals. We, at Kandid, have carved a niche in the field of delivering customer-centric, scalable, and business-oriented Java development services for different enterprises.

Our seasoned team of proficient and experienced Java developers creates and delivers a large number of robust, effective, and scalable Java-based applications. We prioritize clients’ requirements throughout the Java application development processes and deliver custom-made solutions with the highest levels of productivity while realizing optimum ROI for them.

Our Services

End-to-end Java development services are targeted at delivering solutions
that bring tangible business benefits.

Java Migration & Upgrade

We also specialize in migrating and upgrading the applications already existing on some other Java version or another platform to ensure that they can avail the best that this language has to offer.

Java App QA & Testing

In addition to building rich and dependable Java-based applications, we ensure that all solutions are of top quality by performing stringent QA and testing before deploying them in the business environment.

Java Web Development

Java Web Development being a leading Java application development company, we build performance-oriented, scalable, and secure Java websites which are capable of enhancing the value of businesses and helping them to achieve their objectives

Enterprise Java Development

Our Java expert team renders enterprise-oriented Java development services to boost the business growth of the companies by meeting their requisites like large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable, and secure network applications.

Mobile App Development

Customized Mobile/Android App Development services primarily based on Java-powered platforms such as Kotlin, React, Dart, GoLang, etc. We develop robust mobile as well as IoT applications for Android gadgets. Our developers can integrate social media plugins, adaptive UI/UX, custom widgets, enterprise mobility, mobile payment processing, location-based services, and VOIP. We also integrate and implement Remote Display, Game Manager, and Android Pay Google Play APIs.

Java-based Cloud Solutions

Java isn’t just a broadly useful programming language, as it has also placed itself in cloud computing. Its ubiquity among engineers is overpowering, as it is used by more than 10 million developers and is used in more than 15 billion terminals around the world. Our expert team of developers leverages tools like AWS SDK for Java, Oracle Java cloud Services, Google App Engine, Cloudfoundry, etc. to effectively set up your J2EE environment in an instance.

Java-based CMS Solutions

A Java CMS gives you a rich and incredible tool to develop the web content you really want to create. In all layers of its design, open and extensible APIs are accessible for integrating different types of CMS into your current application architecture. Our perfect engineering empowers the Kandid developer to use modern-day web models such as OpenCMS, Alfresco Content Services, Magnolia, Enonic XP, and open source and open components throughout the development process.

Java Frontend Solutions

Kandid, as a renowned Java Development Company in Gurgaon, has empowered Java development teams to develop full-stack applications, 100% in Java, for over 20 years. With an extensive web component library, and powerful abstraction capabilities (for real-time collaboration) Kandid is more skilled than ever. We Ship our components with Java-based Frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Apache Wicket, JSF, and powerful APIs that allow developers to construct complex, enterprise-level UIs, completely in Java.

Why Choose Us?

Skilled and Experienced Developers

A team of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge and rich experience in Java programming lang.

Robust solutions at competitive pricing

Focus on the delivery of robust solutions that match the business objectives and are competitively priced.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Complete focus on customer satisfaction with tailor-made solutions that meet their requirements to perfection.

Flexible hiring models

Flexible hiring models enable clients to hire Java developers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis depending on their needs.

Successful track record

A successful track record with a large number of projects delivered to clients across a variety of industry verticals.

Best practices & proven methodology

A team of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge and rich experience in Java programming lang.

Industries We Serve

With our proven techniques and agile methodologies; as a Java application development company we serve every vertical of industries with high-end solutions. Navigate through our services to pick what’s best for you.


Retail & E-commerce

Travel & Hospitality

Banking & Finance

Education & E-learning

Media & Entertainment

Our Solutions Fit To Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

Our Java development services help clients streamline several organizational processes, gather data, and process it for decision making. Some of our offerings include

Fintech Solutions

Our retail solutions enable you to digitally manage AtoZ operations as per your retail & eCommerce business needs.

Retail Solutions

Our retail solutions enable you to digitally manage AtoZ operations as per your retail & eCommerce business needs.

Wearable Application

Our Java developers help you capitalize on next-gen devices & tech trends to win customers’ hearts & thrive.

Automation Software

As a leading Java development company, we craft business-specific automation solutions that perform your routine tasks without human input.

Monitoring & Tracking System

Our monitoring & tracking systems keep a bird’s eye view of your supply chain, and provide valuable insights.

Business Intelligence Systems

Our experts help you capitalize on business intelligence by crafting solutions that help in forecasting, learning customer behavior, and more.